Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use iAssist to prescribe other medications?

A: Yes. Any medication (with the exception of controlled substances) can be prescribed through iAssist.

Q: Will iAssist actually save me time over using a fax machine?

A: Yes! Using iAssist can reduce or even eliminate the need for follow-up by ensuring that required information for program enrollment forms and PAs are captured up front. iAssist also reduces the amount of time it takes to complete these forms by automatically populating previously stored data and applying physician signatures. All of this occurs digitally, eliminating the need to interpret hand-written, difficult-to-read, faxed documents. The more you use iAssist, the more information is stored and pre-populated for you, further decreasing your time spent submitting forms.

Q: Do I have to pay for iAssist or install new software?

A: No. iAssist is a free, web-based application – all you need is internet access.

Q: Does everyone in my practice have to register with an email address?

A: No. One of the enhancements recently made is enabling the use of usernames. While email continues to be the preferred registration option, new users will be able to create a username instead.

Q: Why do you need the doctor’s signature?

A: The electronic signature that the doctor provides upon registration is used to submit valid ePrescriptions, as well as complete patient enrollment forms, Prior Authorization forms, statements of medical necessity, and any other documents that require a signature.

Q: What is the verification process and where do the questions come from?

A: The verification process authenticates the identity of all registered prescribers. The verification process uses a Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) system, which creates questions from information found in public records.

Q: Do I still need to manually fill out patient enrollment forms and fax them to the patient support program for the medication I am prescribing?

A: No. iAssist eliminates this step – when you electronically prescribe through iAssist, the enrollment forms are populated and sent to the appropriate manufacturer patient support program.

Q: Can I use iAssist to electronically prescribe refills?

A: Yes. You can use iAssist for both refills and new prescriptions. With the patient’s information already stored in the system, refills can be processed much more quickly.

Q: What kind of updates will I receive through iAssist in regards to the prescriptions I have submitted?

A: iAssist updates your patient’s file with relevant pharmacy information when the prescription is released to the pharmacy.

Q: Why isn’t the prescription released to the pharmacy on the date that I submit it through iAssist?

A: Many of our contracted specialty therapies are routed to manufacturer patient support programs before being released to the pharmacy. Once the prescription is released from the patient support program, iAssist displays the pharmacy on the History tab within the Patient’s profile.

Q: Can I view the documents submitted for my patient?

A: Yes. While in the desired patient’s profile, you can click on the Documents tab to view all documents for that patient. There are three ways to search for a patient to select: You can search for a patient using the search box at the top of the Dashboard page or click on ‘Patients and Submissions’ in your top navigation bar and search the Patients tab. In the results list, click on the patient to see their profile.

Q: Does an eligibility check verify the patient’s insurance coverage?

A: No. When you click Find Eligibility, iAssist searches national insurance databases using the patient’s demographic information, then displays the available insurance plan information and pharmacy benefit manager information.

Q: Can I submit a Prior Authorization form without submitting an electronic prescription?

A: Yes. During the prescription stage of the workflow, you can select Submit Prior Authorization Form Only. You can submit an electronic prescription later, if needed.

Q: Can I submit an electronic prescription without submitting a Prior Authorization form?

A: Yes. During the prior authorization stage of the workflow, you can select No, skip the Prior Authorization and perform the ePA-only workflow for this patient at a later date. You can submit a Prior Authorization form later, if needed.

Q: Does iAssist provide status updates on prior authorizations?

A: iAssist is dedicated to providing the greatest visibility possible into your patients. Today we are able to provide statuses when partnerships exist, however, this feature is not yet available for all medications. You can see available statuses for your patients in the Message Center. We will continue to expand our network and status offerings. Additionally, you will also continue to receive status updates from the manufacturer support program, specialty pharmacy, or payer.

Q: How do I know if the Prior Authorization form presented in iAssist is the correct form?

A: Our Specialty Solutions team completes formulary reviews to ensure that the correct forms are presented for each medication contracted with iAssist.

Q: I already have access to EHRs – why would I want to use iAssist?

A: iAssist is designed to support patients using specialty and complex therapy medications, and is tailored for specific pharmaceutical patient support programs. If you use a system other than iAssist, your patient may not be enrolled in these additional programs. iAssist is now available in some EHRs. Contact your EHR and ask about iAssist today!

Q: Will iAssist update my current EHR system?

A: If you access iAssist through one of our EHR partners, we are able to pull in your patient and prescription information – limiting data entry – as well as send documents and status updates back to your EHR. If you are accessing iAssist directly then you will not have an automated way to update your EHR. However, you can ‘Print to PDF’ and save iAssist-generated forms for upload into your current EHR system.

Q: How do I get documents from iAssist into the patient record in my EHR?

A: You can print and scan, electronically fax, or save documents, then attach them to the patient record within iAssist.

Q: What if my patient is not available to sign a Patient Authorization form?

A: Within the medication workflow you will be asked whether the patient is available to provide a signature, if you select No, an EMAIL REMINDER feature appears, which allows you to enter the patient’s email address and send an email to obtain an electronic signature. You can also direct the patient to, where they can provide an electronic signature.

Q: What if the patient provided a digital signature, and I provided all required information, but the consent form is not visible on the Documents tab?

A: To save the signed consent form, you must click Generate Consent Form, while in the medication workflow.

Q: If I am having an issue or have a question while using iAssist, who can I contact?

A: You can contact your iConcierge Client Services representative using the Live Chat feature in the lower right corner of the screen, or by phone at 877-450-4412.

Q: What can I do if I am unable to connect to Live Chat?

A: You may need to contact your network administrator to update your internet browser; older versions of Internet Explorer are not supported. You can also reach your iConcierge Client Services representative by phone at 877-450-4412.